Banding Seals and Clips

There are many types of banding seals and clips for joining plastic straps and just as many price variances despite the fact there are few manufacturers. Price variance can be attributed to country of origin, quality of steel used, gauge of metal, wire diameter, and the design of the seal or buckle, all of which can significanly affect their ability to securely hold any tension in the strap after the strap is applied, and subsequently any dynamic load put into the strap from load shift during handling or transportation.

 IT IS THEREFORE VERY IMPORTANT THAT GOOD QUALITY SEALS AND BUCKLES ARE USED OTHERWISE THE EFFECTIVE STRENGTH OF THE STRAP IS SEVERLY DE-RATED TOGETHER WITH SAFETY MARGINS., as regardless of the quoted strength of the strap, when applied, it will only be as strong as the weakest link i.e the clip or buckle

It is the case that many of the strapped pallets secured on flatback lorries are secured with strong strap but very weak seals – seals that would let the strap slip through at just 100Kgs applied load or less… the problem is compounded by the fact that a poor seal looks identical to a good seal, pointing to the fact that expert advice should be sought and that only the best banding seals should be used.


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