Aluminium Strapping Machine

Aluminium coil strapping machines - the conventional ones - require tens of thousands of pounds capital outlay, particularly the ones that place radial straps through the internal diameter and it appeared that there was no option but to pay out, to one Aluminum Coil Company. 
The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd of Nottingham UK, noted for it's ability to manufacture bespoke strapping machines proposed a simple strapping machine that placed all three radial straps through the centre of the coil at once, in an operation that was proved to be as fast as the quoted speeds of the expensive automated strapping machines, and with fixed operating costs, i.e no expensive spares and maintenance contracts required or for that matter loss of production either experienced when the more complicated equipment falters.
Aluminium Strapping Machine
The International Production Director admitted that initial reaction to the proposal was not particularly enthusiastic, attitude flavoured by experience with the more complex and expensive strapping machines already used in other plants, but following a very careful analysis of the two systems became totally convinced over the merits of the simple low cost system, stating that in an era when automation was always considered to be the best solution, simpler options were too frequently overlooked.



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