Banding machines  describe everything strapping ranging from a simple strapping handtool to semi automatic and automatic box banders thru to inline automated pallet strapping systems - and The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd can provide them all and indeed manufactures many of them. 

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The most popular banding machines in volume terms are the mechanical strapping handtools because they are relatively low cost to purchase, and this tends to hide the fact that  they are generally poor value.... as they are the most expensive type of strapping equipment to operate by far... thousands of pounds a year more than say a semi automatic banding machine, as the labour cost and time taken to operate a strapping handtool is generally overlooked.


Semi automatic banding machine 

With overhead rates per employee in the UK at least 16 pence a minute and in reality probably double that figure if it takes a minute to strap a single carton with mechanical strapping tools that's a labour on cost/carton of 16-32 pence per carton. With a semi automatic banding machine it will take no more than 6 seconds - or put another way strap 10 cartons for the same cost. Watch this video Banding Machines to see how fast they are.

Good semi automatic banding machines are available from £600 that will reduce labour cost per carton down to just 1.6 - 3.2 pence per carton so its evident that this type of equipment is much better value as it saves thousands of pounds a year - every year!

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