Pallet Strapping Machine VP3.

An international car component manufacturer operating JIT schedules uses VP3 Strap Poka pallet strapping machines to strap pallets at the end of a conveyor. Although automatic plastic strapping machines were initially the intended choice the simplicity, reliability and low cost of Strap Pokas were responsible for the Change of mind.

In this instance three plastic straps are simultaneously placed around a pallet in 8-10 seconds. The unit load is fitted with a plastic top cap into which strap location grooves are moulded so the straps do have to be precisely placed. To eliminate operator error the pallet strapping machine is fitted with ‘self aligning’ fork guides i.e. regardless of operator or pallet location the straps are always correctly placed. The strap used is polypropylene and is tensioned and sealed using a Slik Series 5000 Combination Tool.

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