Manual Pallet Strapping

... if the reason for purchase is to achieve significant reductions in the time taken to strap pallets. The fact is that unless your operatives 'strap like bee's wings all day long'  it's unlikely more than ten minutes a day will be saved, the reason being that operatives will still have to address the the longest part of the strapping cycle which is pulling strapping off a trolley and feeding it under and over the palletised loads.

To gain measurable  productive benefit in time, cost and effort this aspect of strapping pallets needs to be addressed first and there is is an inexpensive solution to this problem that delivers very large savings in cost, time and effort- everyone wins - manufactured by the plastic strapping company Ltd Nottingham UK that will place two straps at the same time around and under a pallet in just six-7 seconds.  Watch the video to see how it's done - Pallet strapping machine makes short work of what is a normally slow and tiring activity. It shows how a pallet can be strapped from start to finish in just 40 seconds!

There is another video that shows how these pallet strapping machines can support a friction weld tool tool such that they cannot be dropped on the floor so eliminating the possibility that the tools are dropped - a frequent cause of damage and associated repair bills - and providing a means of almost 'hands free operation' for the operator. The pallet strapping is model VP2-TS so click the link to see how easy this adaptation makes pallet strapping operations. 

It also makes  good common sense to look after the  friction weld  strapping tool particularly if you have a good one, like the one touch S-BXT-2

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