Stretch Film

At last - light is shed on the stretch film secret.. by a stretch film equipment manufacturer. We quote: If a Company has any type of pallet stretch wrap operation, one of the most important investments it can make towards ensuring the safety of it's employees is to purchase an automatic stretch wrapping system. (An admission surely that the manual application of stretch film is unsafe) It continues: While two of the major advantages of buying an automatic or semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapper is that they offer consistent results and reduce film waste, they are also a safer alternative for wrapping packages than using manual techniques. The human body simply is not designed for repetitive stooping, bending, and hunching, yet these are the same physical motions experienced on a constant basis by an employee who wraps pallets by hand. Take a good look at this short video of manual stretch wrap operation

After only a short time, these physical demands can fatigue workers, causing many to suffer back pain, hand cramps, cuts and bruises, and other maladies that could result in workplace injuries, sick days, and possibly even OSHA involvement. Their observations are very timely as the scale of injuries caused by the manual application of film are only now being more widely recognised by those tasked with responsibility for employee safety. 
One other option to automatic stretch film machines was not mentioned however, and these are the low cost, maintenance free strapping machines manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Machine Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK. Apart from a lower cost consumable, less effort, and no need to take the pallet to a stretch wrap machine,(No forklift or driver needed),an ability to place two straps simultaneously around a pallet in just six seconds makes for a much faster operation. This unique equipment is bespoke manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham.UK. and the full range including videos can be seen on or click this link now Strapping with a pallet truck

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