Meat Box Plastic Strapping Machines 

Strapping Machines for catering meat boxes can be either semi automatic or automatic, choice of type of machine dependent on volume of cartons strapped, number of packing points and capex available. What is important however is that the machines are stainless steel and ideally with side sealing strapping heads to avoid the mechanism getting clogged with 'debris' 
Any machine specification that does not include these basic features, although significantly cheaper is likely to be a poor investment even for a short term requirement. A strapping machine constructed from stainless steel panels is not the only requirement - the electrics too need to be fully conforming to
legislation governing safe use in wet areas and moist environments, and this latter requirement is where so many imported stainless Steel Strapping Machines fall down. 
Stainless semi auto banderThe machines with the best reputation are Japanese and manufactured by Strapack - in fact they have become the defecto quality standard for meat, fish, and general food box strapping,. Reverting back to type of machine it is the case that automatic and automated strapping machines should ideally be placed in a conveyor line so that the speed of the machine is fully utilised and not de-rated by the manual presentation of the boxes, where semi - automatic machines might be better suited. Strapping machines for this application are normally set up to use 5 mm or 7mm width polypropylene strapping.
Fish Box Auto Strapping
The automatic meat strapping machines are ideal for moisture-laden meat, poultry and seafood processing environments, the corrosion-free StraPack RQ-7000M automatic strapping machine is manufactured from stainless steel and waterproof materials. The fully enclosed cabinet protects the components from water and spray, while the bottom of the cabinet is reinforced to provide extra protection. An internal heat lamp assists in evaporating moisture. The sealing head is side-mounted to protect it from moisture and residue.
  • High Speed - 50 bundles/ minute
  • Reduced body weight increases portability
  • Roller table height is adjustable
  • Adapts easily to an existing conveyor system
  • Tension arm system ensures positive and accurate tensioning of damp strapping

    Meat & Fish StrappingBased on the high-specification stainless steel AQ-7M automatic strapping machine, the DS is a twin-body double-strapping unit which will apply two straps simultaneously at the press of a button.

    Supplied with integral stainless steel free-roller conveyor tables, the machine is designed for manual strapping operations where pack throughput is controlled by an operator.

    The unit will apply twin straps on a minimum of 430mm centres or wider as specified, depending on the type of box being strapped.

    The unit is capable of strapping boxes at speeds consistent with most manual packing operations.

    The machines can be separated for maintenance and can be used independently as free-standing single strapping machines if necessary


Regardless of what type/model of machine is used to secure the cartons if they are subsequently palletised and strapped then consideration should be given to using one of the new low cost, mobile pallet strapping machines that enable two straps to be placed simultaneously around a pallet in just seconds. Click the link PALLET STRAPPING MADE EASY to see how it's done

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