Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine VP2



...range has in recent years been greatly extended to include variations in design that allow it to provide cost effective solutions to many pallet strapping applications.  The simplest and most popular model VP2 is a low cost mobile strapping machine that puts two straps - at the same time - around a pallet in just 6 seconds, and enables the pallet strapping operation to be completed from start to finish in just 40 seconds. The basic VP2 mobile Pallet Strapping machine range has been developed to such an extent that models can be supplied that apply up to four plastic straps - vertical or horizontal - or a mixture of both - at the same time, on fixed or adjustable pitches, at floor level or raised conveyor height. In fact a unit has recently been supplied for putting three radial straps through the internall diameter of a coil of metal. See the video.



Other VP2 Pallet Strapping Machines are particularly suited to specific market sectors such as the packing and strapping of fruit and veg, where the latest models allow for up to four horizontal straps to be applied - all at once - around the pallet... and support four cardboard edge protectors in place around the pallet until the first strap is applied. The savings in time and effort - and therefor cost - are such that these pallet strapping systems pay forthemselves  generally with the first six months or earlier... every one wins!

 Other Industry specific pallet strapping machines within the  range include those built onto pallet trucks - Model PT11 - intended for those applications where a pallets is normally strapped and then moved with a pallet truck. Model PT11 - see the video -combines the strapping and moving operation - pallet truck is pushed into the pallet and this places two straps at the same time around the pallet. Straps are tensioned and sealed conventionally and the pallet can then be wheeled away. This pallet strapping machine is ideal for printers who often have to offload part finished product from conveyors onto a pallet quickly.


Board, flat panel, and timber manufacturers too find this range of pallet strapping machine very cost effective, particularly where a large variance in pack size is produced and strapping is required to be placed around them. The pallet strapping machine shown below was quickly followed by repeat orders as its ability to place straps anywhere along a pack length proved to be an ideal solution and far more cost effective than a rather expensive conventional automatic strapping machines.


Another interesting project where a VP2 pallet strapping machine provided an ideal solution was with a corrugated board manufacturer who had an occasional demand for extra large palletised product to be strapped requiring longer forks than would normally be be fitted - and consequently did not want them in postion all the time as it detracted from the manoeurability of the machine when conventional sized pallets were being used. The solution was very simple as can be seen below. The over length forks were stored vertically on the strapping machine, and were lowered to fit over the conventiona sized forks only when required.  Problem solved.



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