Steel Strapping to disappear...

The recent availability of HD Friction Weld Strapping Tools capable of using the wider and thicker high strength polyester strapping, now available in 25mm and 32mm widths means that all those applications that historically needed to use the heavier grades of steel strapping can now use polyester straps. There will be many sceptics who believe that it's not possible to replace these heavy straps with a plastic strap, so we deal with this issue - one of belief - at once by showing videos of applications that fall into these categories.



Steel Plate - Wire coils - Aluminium Round Bars - Aluminium Blanks - Steel Coil - Timber  etc Click on the appropriate link to see the new heavy duty tool applying the new

polyester strapping.

The benefits:

  • Cost of polyester strapping is significantly less than that of steel strapping, so significant annual savings can be achieved.
  • Much improved operator safety - no more cuts!
  • Strap does not rust and is less likely to damage products!
  • Improved pack stability and resistance to shock load conditions.
  • No metal clips or associated tooling required as the straps are welded together and form a strong 'flush' strap joint.

The Tooling:

The SBXT2-2532 HD Friction Weld Tool.


BXT2-2532 Friction Weld Strapping Tool


The strapping tool is powered by a 36V Li-ion battery and can apply up to 6500N tension to 25mm and 32mm wide HD Polyester strapping up to 1.3mm thick. There is a choice of manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation modes.

Strap joint strength and tension applied can all be preset, so that regardless of operator all packs are tensioned and sealed to the same pre-set standards, a means of actively controlling packaging conformity and safety standards.



Although the tool is very fast when tensioning and sealing the polyester strapping, the fact remains that the longest part of the operation will be manually getting the strapping around the pack, therefore it makes good sense to use this tool in conjunction with the new low cost range of pallet strapping machines that not only place numerous straps arond a palletised product - simultaneously - but also support the tool  preventing  it getting dropped and damaged. To see a short 40 second video illustrating the principle on which this range of pallet strapping machines operate click the link.

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