Hardwear Strapping Machines


Strapping Machines proved to be the ideal solution for installation into the packaging/distribution department of a major UK handtool distributer. The high volume and wide variety of products despatched to all industry and leisure sectors called for a strapping machine installation with proven reliability, programming versatility, backed up by an excellent aftersales service organisation.

Strapping Hardware & IronmongeryThe decision to install a Strapack RQ8 -AFR automated strapping machine was made only after random and intensive investigation covering high volume applications both in UK and Europe  confirmed the good reputation and performance longevity that these machines have, coupled with their ability to automatically sense random pack sizes and apply the appropriate number of plastic straps. The Operations Director admitted he initially had a degree of scepticism regarding any supplier arranged visits to installations saying it was unlikely a prospective customer would be taken to one where their was a risk of adverse comment. Confirmation of all claims made for the machine and aftersales services were subsequently established and the choice of supplier made easy.

The strapped cartons are palletised and many are strapped using the mobile strapping machines manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. These pallet wrapping machines place two straps simultaneously around a pallet in just 6 seconds - without the pallet being moved from the point where stacking occurs.


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