Strapping Starter Kits - Conventional - Literature.



These kits comprise two reels of strapping, a tensioner and sealer, a mobile reel hollder and a box of heavy duty seals. All quantities per item are to Industry Standards i.e no short meterage reels or non standard quantities of seals, heavy duty rather than standard seals for safety etc.

The MCR Mobile coilholder is manufactured in UK and has a powder coated finish  for durability. It has a strap brake that releases when strapping is pulled from the reel and braking action resumes to prevent strap overun when the strap is released. The unit is fitted with a stout ribbed polypropylene bin to hold tools and seals.

The Strapping:  Is manufactured in UK to ISO standards and quantity per reel is carefully monitered to ensure it conforms not only to the meterage and performance levels specified.


The Seals or Clips:  Manufactured in UK Industry standard boxed quantities are included - (many offers include reduced quantities to make their kits look more competitive) and note that heavy duty clips are specified rather than the lightweight standard carton clips, so that the kit is suited to pallet strapping applications...we frequently do not know what your application is, and as the weakest link in the system will be where/how the strap is joined i.e the clip we feel it is not in your interest that we supply clips that are only suited for light carton applications. i.e standard clips commonly specified in strapping kits will let strapping slip through when a load in the range of 60 - 110 kgs is applied.... so whats the point is buying a strap that is stronger?

The Strap Tensioner:  There is a choice... Either a strap tensioner manufactured in the far east - good value but throw it away if it breaks, or a UK Manufactured Heavy Duty Strap Tensioner for which spares and service are available, and the knowlege that it will remain functional for many years.... much depends on the perception of value!

We hope you find this additional information of interest and believe it is preferable for any prospective buyer to be fully informed prior to making a purchase decision, and we hope we have achieved that.

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