Strapping Machines for Young Plants and Produce.

Strapping young plants packed in plastic trays and palletised are traditionally stabilised and secured using cardboard edge protectors placed vertically on the four corners of the pack, secured with horizontal applied plastic straps. This method works fine, but is slow, labour intensive, and consequently expensive. The industry traditionally uses cheap low grade polypropylene strapping but this is largely responsible for the high cost packaging method used. Horizontal plastic straps manually applied in the traditional way normally slow packaging operations, and are nowhere near as fast as strapping applied vertically, particularly when it is applied with Strap Pokas manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK 

These low cost mobile pallet strapping machines can place two straps - at once - around a pallet in just six seconds. 

Here's another variation:

Strapping Young Plants

Previous attempts to use vertical straps - without - edge protection pieces failed due to the fact that polypropylene straps loose approx half the applied tension within an hour of it being applied to the pallet, together with the fact that the plastic trays flex under the pressure of the strap. The use of polyester strapping however produced packs that stayed stable and secure over long periods despite severe test methods employed prior to method acceptance.


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