Automated Plastic Strapping Machine RQ8

Major International  Distribution Centre operating sophisticated fully automated pick and pack operation chooses Strapping Machines supplied by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd Nottingham UK.


To cut a long story short..

Packed with clothing, handbags, belts, shoes, or other accessories, boxes arrive at the labeling system in single file with a preprinted product label affixed to their side. That label carries internal tracking information using a unique product identification number and a bar  code, 

Strapping textiles

The boxes are secured by a Japanese-made RQ8 strapping machine - when asked why Japanese?

 DC Operations Manager David Fleming  said - they invented this type of machine and therefore have the greatest experience - we use them in all our DC's worldwide so that decision was easy. 

Fleming said the machines automatically apply two 12mm polypropylene straps in the correct position regardless of box length  - average box weighs 20kgs, Previously adhesive tape was used but this was proving to be far more expensive than plastic strapping, so use was reduced and now it only closes the top flaps of each case.. A photoeye mounted on the strapping machine ensures another box isn't conveyed for strapping until after the strapping cycle is completed.



"The RQ8 Strapping Machines are brilliant machines years after they have been installed says Fleming..


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