The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd

manufacture unique bespoke pallet strapping machines, and print on plastic strapping including polypropylene, polyester and corded strapping materials. The strapping machines are unique as they are the only machines that will simultaneously apply up to four plastic straps around palletised product and other unit loads - in situ - i.e an FLT and driver does not have to waste time taking the load to and from the conventional type of pallet strapping machine. Consequently, these simple mobile pallet strapping machines can be as fast as the large expensive automated machines, but require less than 5% of the outlay and are virtually maintenance free. 


To see the full range of these unique plastic strapping machines click the link. Watch them in operation and understand how it is possible to strap a pallet manually in approx. 40 seconds easily, quickly, so much improvement to your current manual strapping operation for so little outlay Click the link Pallet strapping made easy!


Printed plastic strapping is  also a bespoke type service as unlike others who will only print large quantities The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd will print as little as 6 reels, so there's no need to tie up a lot of cash in stock. Of course we print large quantities too, demonstrating our flexibility, and start up costs are significantly lower than those offered elsewhere.


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