Battery Powered Plastic Banding Tool PSCL2100

Title: PSCL 2100 Battery Powered Strapping Tool.
Sale price£1,930.00


Battery Powered Banding Tool for 16 and 19mm plastic strapping widths.

The PSCL 2100 Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Tool is of European manufacture so there is now no justification for considering the purchase of this type of tool from further afield. Not only is it to best European engineering and reliability standards, for a unit at the quality end of the market it's competitively priced too @ £1654 delivered complete with manufacturers 12 month warranty.

This plastic banding tool is ideally suited  for use with polypropylene and polyester strapping having a 16.0 - 19.0mm width with a strap thickness range of 0.65mm - 1.27mm, and will apply 650 - 3000N force. Average seal strength is approx 75%. The tool has the latest 14.4V 3Ah Li-ion battery that can be recharged at any time.

Tensioning force and sealing strength are easily adjusted to suit each application and operation controls are conveniently located for one handed operation. 

Specify strap width and thickness to be used when ordering this product.

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