Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Banding Tool P330

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Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Banding Tool P330.

Friction Weld plastic strapping Tool P330 is the latest from a fine range of top quality battery powered frictionweld tools manufactured in Europe for use with 19mm -25mm polyester strapping 0.4mm – 1.53mm thick. The P330 Friction Weld Tool therefore caters not only for conventional pallet strapping but for all those other heavy duty applications for which historically only steel strapping was adequate. Capable of applying tension 1200N – 6000N the tool uses the latest Li-ion battery technology.

Pallet Strapping?

If the tool is to be used for pallet strapping then learn how to place two straps - simultaneously - around a pallet in just 6 seconds! using the Strap-Poka Mobile Pallet Strapping Machines  View the video 'Click here' and see how the job can be done in half the time with half the effort.


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