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Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Banding Tool P326 -  

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Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Tool is a  quality Li-Ion battery battery powered pallet strapping tool manufactured in Europe for applications that require higher tension (400N - 2400N) . It’s easy to operate – simply squeeze the rear caliper lever to raise the feed wheel at the front – slip the straps – one on top of the other, under the feed wheel and release the lever to lock the strap in position. Next…press the yellow button to apply the tension and the yellow lever to weld and cut the strap… that’s it!
Amount of tension to be applied, can easily be preset together with the friction weld cycle, and options are available to lock controls off making them 'tamper free'  and ensuring a consistent strap tension on every pack. The tool uses plastic strapping 13mm -16mm wide and from 0.4mm -1.05mm thick. Click here for downloadable literature

Typical applications for this type of battery powered strapping tool include..


Polyester Strapping


Polyester Ingots

Concrete Blocks

Polyester Concrete

Aluminium Ingots

Polyester Strapping Aluminium

Aluminium Coil

Polyester Strapping Timber

Steel Sheet

Polyester Strapping Wire

Coiled Wire

Pallet Strapping?

If the tool is being used to strap pallets then see a video of the tool  and a VP2 Strap-Poka pallet strapping machine showing how to get two straps around a pallet - simultaneously - in just 6 seconds effectively halving the time and effort required to do the job. See Page Why buy a Friction Weld Tool?


Peace of mind knowing you’ve just purchased A GOOD battery powered friction weld tool comes as standard, so look after it. The bulk of friction weld tools (all brands) returned to us for repair have been damaged as a result of the tool being dropped – so if you are not going to use a Strap-Poka with it, which would make good sense, STOP THIS HAPPENING and use a WS406 instead – it makes financial sense!


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