Semi Automatic Strapping Machine I-10

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StraPack i-10 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine



The  i-10 is the latest StraPack semi-automatic strapping machine  Well suited for office, shop or small factory use, this compact, affordable machine in a new aesthetic design offers reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance costs.

The i-10 is part of PSCL's  comprehensive packaging equipment range.

Compared to its predecessors, the i-10:

  • is 22% quieter (only 67 dB).
  • is 25% lighter (only 45kg).
  • uses 62% less energy (only 0.25Kw).
  • has 30% less moving parts.

Other features include:

  • Adjustable Legs (table height adjustable from 755 - 905mm).
  • Quick Start Up (just 45 seconds).
  • Runs strap from 5mm - 15.5mm without change parts.
  • Soft Tension option for delicate packs.
  • Seal Time Extension for springy packs.
  • Easy Maintenance

Support Plates can be provided as an optional extra to stabilise taller packs, leaflets or banknotes


Supplied and delivered UK Mainland


Note if cartons strapped on this machine are subsequently palletised and strapped to the pallet, a simple device can half the time and effort to do this job....Click this link to see a short video showing how it's done.

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