Strapping Kit SBXT-3

Title: Strapping Kit SBXT-3/130
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Friction Weld Tool Strapping Kit SBXT-2 

...includes the worlds best selling single button controlled, Battery Powered Friction Weld Hand Strapping Tool, with Li-Ion Battery and Charger, a mobile coilholder and two reels of 12mm wide polypropylene strapping selected from a range of break strengths. Unlike any other kits you may have seen elsewhere all the equipment and materials in this Strapping Kit are manufactured in UK and Europe meaning that this strapping kit represents the highest quality and value attainable, The Battery Powered Strapping Tool has a range of operational modes including single button automatic, or separate controls for the tension and sealing functions. Strength of joint and tensions applied can be preset from a large range of options. Battery powered Strapping Tools are generally used on palletised product in conjunction with Strap-Poka Pallet Strapping Machines that enable two straps to be placed - simultaneously around a pallet in just 6 seconds effectively halving the time, effort and cost.of pallet strapping.


Strapping Kit SBXT-3/130 includes two reels 12mm strapping x 2000 metres each with 130ks break strength.

Strapping Kit SBXT-3/190 includes two reels 12mm strapping x 1500 metres each with 190ks break strength.

Strapping Kit SBXT-3/230 includes two reels 12mm strapping x 1200 metres each with 235ks break strength.

Strapping Kit SBXT-3/260 includes two reels 12mm strapping x 1000 metres each with 260ks break strength.

Strapping Kit SBXT-3/300 includes two reels 12mm strapping x 1000 metres each with 300ks break strength.


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