Plastic Strapping Threader Rod

Title: 1 Strapping Threader Stick - postage paid.
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Plastic Strapping Threader Rod

Strapping threader rod or sticks are purchased to aid the threading of plastic straps through pallet voids, and are fine for this purpose only if not too many pallets a day are being processed.

However, they are frequently mistakenly purchased where large volumes - say 40 or more pallets a day are being processed, and in these circumstances they can have a negative effect insofar as the person using it has to make many more actions prior to the strapping being put into the strapping tool... and few prospective buyers consider this... it is the most time consuming/costly method of getting a strap under a pallet.

View the video - Pallet strapping made slow and tiring - to appreciate just how many are required..... 

and then click this link to see how two straps can be placed around a pallet in just six seconds!

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