TA-333 Steel Strapping Sealess Tensioner & Sealer

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Combination sealless steel strapping tool ideal for medium duty applications. Operation is easy - insert strap under tensioning wheel - push the tensioning lever backwards/forwards until desired tension is achieved and then simply push the other lever forwards and backwards once to apply three dovetail type joints down the centre of the strap.  Metal clips are not required and the joint is approx 80% efficient i.e. stronger than one made using metal clips so convenience and speed of operation are complimented by an increase in safety margin..

For use with steel strapping 0.38 to 0.58mm thick. and tensile strengths 700N to 850N/square mm.

For 13mm widths specify TA-333-13

For 16mm widths specify TA-333-16

For 19mm widths specify TA-333-19



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