About buying Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines


It’s easy really… there are two decisions you can make – buy Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines as cheaply as possible in the almost certain knowledge that after sales/downtime costs will quickly surpass any perceived savings on the purchase cost/ and stress levels will be high, not forgetting everyone in the works will remember who bought the rogue Strapping Machine.

Alternatively, buy high quality/ Robust Pallet Strapping Machines… as competitively as possible, with the guarantee that after sales costs will be lowest possible and your reputation will be intact. The fact is that in the UK those international conglomerates with 24 × 7 strapping operations, and with experience and staff to investigate the market thoroughly tend to standardize on German manufactured Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines time and time again, with good reason.

In addition:
Don’t let a single site visit weigh heavily in the decision making process as it is unlikely you will be taken to a troublesome Pallet Strapping Machine installation. Ask for a list of installations and scrutinise it carefully looking for good calibre users who have purchased  more than one machine. Ask for time alone with the user and question the levels of downtime, aftersales service in terms of response times, spares costs.etc. or obtain telephone details so that you can have a chat in private after the visit.

Pallet Strapping Machine Hire

There is a widespread practice operating in the UK that results in  some Strapping Machine suppliers  charging extra for spare parts if you do not buy strapping materials from them so it is vital that you obtain list of all spares with best* costs prior to placing an order, if this illegal punitive measure is to be avoided….and then ask for a 50% reduction fixed for at least three years. They can do this easily as spares costs on Strapping Machines , particularly with in line automated Strapping Machines, are very high and marked up by 300 -700% or more!. Disregard any offers of say a 50% reduction on spares costs if they try to get agreement that only their strapping is used in the equipment... and note that The Plastic Strapping Company can arrange servicing on most brands of Pallet Strapping Machine.

After the Strapping Machine purchase the annual strapping costs will be the major spend item and of course you should protect your right to purchase from the most competitive source…. Disregard offers of concessionary servicing costs and spares

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