The best prices for any type of plastic strapping material can be obtained by:

1. Asking for pro - forma terms and or collecting from the works particularly if large volumes of strapping are  purchased, and. 


Pallet strapping cost reduction

A. Sending us copy of the last invoice paid for the strapping - this will enable us identify - precisely - the specification currently used and quote accordingly.

If there is a serious intent on getting price reductions then it greatly increases the chance of success if the cost is shown as well - it's not normal for UK buyers to do this but not uncommon in the rest of the world where would be suppliers are given a target price by the user and note.... they are given a target - unlike the UK where this information is seldom divulged and suppliers are left 'shooting in the dark' ....quoting...requoting...calling etc. Given all the information the exercise is quicker, and with less administrative cost for both parties.

B. Avoid 'Group Strapping Supply Contracts'

These do not ensure that the best prices are secured, seldom, if ever reflect reductions in the cost of raw materials when they occur, and destroy any incentive for purchasing departments to consider other more competitive offers for the duration (Normally at least 12 months) of any contract. These strapping contracts best serve the interests of the supplier not the user.

C. Avoid ' Free Strapping Machine Maintenance'

The cost of providing free maintenance has to be recovered from somewhere... from the cost of strapping of course, and it follows therefore that the more strap is used the higher the cost of the free maintenance. For high volume strap users it is much more economic to have their own personnel trained to do the maintenance rather than pay premium prices on the hundreds of thousands of metres of strapping used.

If you are serious in your quest for lower costs then read on and learn how massive savings can be achieved.

 2. Plastic Strapping Costs are minimal compared to the cost of actually applying it.

It's true - whilst most Companies focus on saving a few pence here and there on packaging materials they generally overlook the cost of the labour to apply it. In the UK its unlikely that a person to apply plastic strapping will cost less than 16 pence a minute, so if it takes an average time across the duration of shift three minutes to manually strap a pallet that will incurr an oncost of 48 pence per pallet despatched - and that can amount to thousands of pounds over the course of a year. How many pallets are despatched a year?

To strap a pallet should take no more than 40 seconds - see for yourself - view the video - Strapping Pallets Made Easy and this one to showing how a pallet truck can be used to apply strapping

The savings these mobile strapping machines make far exceed any negotiated discounts available on the cost of the strapping itself.

If you don't contact us thousands of pounds could be lost every year - you'll never know how much you could saved, and these pallet strapping machines can be hired so no big capital outlay - required. Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd and learn in detail how these costs can be converted into savings amounting to thousands of pounds a year. 

 3. Battery powered strapping tool repairs - a licence to print money!

 Unless a Company repairs it's own battery operated strapping tools it has absolutely no control over the repair costs which can easily amount to to hundreds of pounds every time they are repaired. Click the link Strapping tool repair and service  to learn why you should only use tools that are user friendly for routine maintenance. The S-TXT-2 Frioction Weld tool falls into this category - click the link to see the video - Friction Weld Tool Repair

4. Strapping Machine Service Costs can be dramatically reduced.

but only if you monitor what spares are fitted and the work being done. Click this link because it applies to simple semi automatic strapping machines as well as the sophisticated in line automated plastic strapping systems. Click the link Strapping tool repair and service  to learn why you should not assume that's what being invoiced  accurately accurately reflects on the work actually done or parts fitted..