Strapping Starter Kits.  

Strapping Starter Kits all include strapping tools, coilholders, plastic strapping with  full Industry standard meterage on the reels - no short coils - and a thousand or more buckles or clips where appropriate. With optimum safety in mind clips specified are either serrated or heavy duty x 32mm long rather than the cheaper but weaker 25mm long clips often presented with strapping kits. 

To see the full range of Plastic Hand Strapping Starter Kits  Click on the headings below:

1. Basic Hand Strapping Starter Kits.  

With buckles - coilholder - tensioner as required and a choice of polypropylene straps. 

2. Conventional Hand Strapping Starter Kits. 

With strap tensioner - sealer - clips - mobile coilholder - choice of polypropylene straps. 

3. Hand Strapping Starter Kits.

With Battery Powered Combination Tool - serrated clips - mobile coilholder  - choice of polyester straps.  

4. Cordstrap Hand Strapping Kits .

With imported or UK manufactured Tensioner - two coils of corded strapping - box of buckles. 

5. Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Kits. 

With Semi Automatic Strapping Machine and reels of  9mm or 12mm polypropylene strapping.