Plastic Strapping Tools.


Steel Bander Sealess K76 Strapping Tool battery Powered Banding Tool


The best value strapping tools...

are usually of European or American manufacture, they cost a little more than tools sourced from the Far East, but are far more durable and long lasting. The servicing of all tools is expensive, therefore it is fair to say the cheaper the tool there is an increased likelyhood that servicing frequency will be significantly greater – such that any saving made on the purchase cost is likely to be illusory, and quickly surpassed by repair or replacement tool costs coupled with the associated inconvenience.

Neverthless, there is a place for the cheaper strapping tools in low volume strapping applications. The vast majority of strapping tools offered on the web, particularly where they are bundled into a ‘Kit’ fall into this category

With regard to safety... 

and pallet strapping applications the European and American products represent ‘the best state of the art’ and as such, in the era of Corporate Manslaughter Legislation, present no risk to the Companies that use them.The safety standards offered by tools manufactured outside of these areas do not always meet these standards, and the risk is knowingly/unknowingly passed to the user Company by the supplier, who may not have the indepth knowledge of strapping systems and their limitations to the same degree as specialist strapping equipment Companies.

That old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ is true and in the era of manslaughter legislation caution should be exercised with particular regard to safety margins obtainable with certain low cost strapping equipment.

Don’t be misled by names/labels given to poor quality items, such as “heavy duty” intended to give the impression they are high quality items. This term is non specific and means different things to different suppliers.

Don't be mislead by appearance - there are now many strapping systems manufactured in the far east that are identical in appearance to European/USA manufactured strapping tools, but not in performance or longevity.

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