Steel Strapping

Hi-flex grade METAL strapping is cold rolled, low carbon steel strapping used for packaging reinforcement, unitizing, bundling and palletising where the application is medium duty.

The strap specifications are suitable for more than 80% of all steel strapping applications and for use with both handtools and automatic strapping machines. Hi –

flex steel strap tolerances conform to DIN 55536 and 1544 , and ISO 9002 Quality Standards.

Steel strapping is available with either a blued and waxed, black painted or zinc coated finish, choice of strap finish being dependant on the degree of weather protection required. Hi-flex steel strapping is presented on either ribbon or oscillation wound coils .

Both types of coil can be used for hand tool applications but strapping machines always use the oscillation type as they hold at least twice as much strap.


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