Special Applications Plastic Strapping Machines




     Magazine Strapping Machine

Magazine & Print Strapping Machine

The RQ-8AP3PS is designed for stacks of magazines or publications which need to be straightened before they are strapped. Driven conveyor belts carry the packs through the machine until they reach the pack stops. When contact is made, the pack is aligned ready for strapping.

The P3 pneumatic press bar is optional and can be used if required to apply light compression to stabilise the pack during the strapping operation.

Timber Moulding and Skirting        Strapping Machine

Timber Moulding Skirting Strapping Machine

 Based on the workhorse AQ-7 strapping machine, the AQ-7RS fully automated strapping machines have "rotating arches" which - in the rest position - are below the table-tops, allowing lengths of timber to pass over the machines.

When the packs are in the strapping position, the arches rotate upwards and straps are applied simultaneously at intervals along the length of the product, according to the number of machines in use.

   Low Level Strapping Machine.

Low Level Strapping Machine


When your applications require a low conveyor height and a bottom seal strapping machine, the low table models are the perfect machines.With a cabinet height of only 432mm or 17", the RQ-8LD is unique. Unlike side-seal machines, the package does not have to be shifted against the sealing head.

Products longer than approx. 914mm or 36" can be strapped automatically by interlocking a standard RQ-8LD to an adjacent powered conveyor. For shorter packages, the RQ-8LD can be built with the powered belt tabletops and  the automation features of the RQ-8A series.

This strapping machine configuration is ideal for many domestic appliances such as cookers, fridges, boilers, washing machines, radiators, small office furniture and similar items, and in fact anything that travels down a conveyor.

Products normally travel centrally down a conveyor but in the event there is any tendency for them to vere of line then simple pack guidance systems can be incorporated.





Corrugated Box Strapping Machine

Corrugated Box Strapping Machine

The reliability, speed, ease of operation and low maintenance costs of RQ8 strapping machines are now available on a bundling machine designed specifically for the corrugated industry.

The RQ-8CR/FB fully automated strapping machine features a high cycle speed, easy strap loading, auto re-feed and loop ejection, lubrication free operation and safe dual tensioning.

It incorporates a 1650mm x 500mm (65" x 20") arch, top compression, variable speed conveyor and runs 5mm or 6mm (1/4") strap to facilitate the requirements of corrugated container production.

For production settings with high output requirements, the RQ-CR/FB is now available with a dual strap dispenser and automatic strap coil transfer system. This newly developed system is designed to prevent any costly production stoppages due to strap coil changes.

Construction Products Strapping Machine

All Purpose Automated Bottom Seal

The OMS M10 vertical strapper is suitable for a wide range of industries including aluminium profiles, waste baling, white goods, food and timber.
  • Vertically straps a wide variety of conveyed or baled products
  • Fixed Strapping Head and Fixed Arch
  • Integral Rollers on Top Plate of Strapping Head (optional)
  • Fast, Consistent Strap Feed increases up-time
  • Compact dimensions facilitate integration in tight spaces
  • 200,000 cycles  between services with OMS Strapping Heads

Waste Bale Strapping Machine

                     Bale Strapping machine OMS M10

The OMS M10-B vertical strapper is an economical replacement for steel wire tiers on new and existing baling machines.

Plastic strap is less expensive than steel wire.  Furthermore it is combustible.  This means that there is no risk of sparks being generated during incineration and it does not attract the premium that EFW plants currently charge for processing steel wire bales.

  • Vertically straps a wide variety of baled waste products
  • Can be fitted to new or existing waste balers
  • Designed to ensure protection from debris ingress
  • Fixed Strapping Head and Fixed Arch
  • Fast, Consistent Strap Feed increases up-time
  • 200,000 cycles between major services with OMS Strapping Heads


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