Automated Pallet Strapping Machines - Don't Buy Them..




Automated Pallet Strapping

....unless they are going to be inserted in conveyor such that pallets are automatically fed into the strapping machine without being handled by FLT. Many Companies have found that the other installation option i.e. a stand alone pallet strapping machine seldom delivers the benefits discussed and planned prior to purchase because the cost of handling pallets to and from the machine in terms of time, equipment and labour has not been correctly assessed, and judgments are skewed by focus on the the theoretical speed and cost of the strapping machines. 

There are options to going the automated pallet strapping route that are frequently overlooked because of their simplicity, low cost etc and no doubt because we are conditioned to thinking that the next improvement that can be made to upgrade traditional manual strapping applications is to use automation. The thought process is excusable because until recent years there has been no 'interim solution' on the market. The best of these solutions is manufactured and marketed by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK, and their idea has spawned many other pieces of equipment none of which are as quick, or inexpensive, or versatile  as the mobile Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machines they manufacture.


Pallet Strapping Machine MobileFirst of all view a video - pallet strapping machine mobile - to understand the principle on which these machines operate. Note that up to 4 straps can be applied around the pallet and thru the pallet voids simultaneouly in just seconds - rather quicker that taking a pallet on a fork lift to an automated strapping system... so why do it if there is no need? Also note that the straps applied can be a mixture of horizontal and vertical straps - a requirement that would require two automated systems costing tens of thousands of pounds.

These unique pallet strapping machines can be adapted to suit all types of applications and to get an idea of how versatile they are

click the link to see the full range of unique low cost pallet strapping machines that have been manufactured todate.

These strapping machines are even built onto pallet trucks for applying strapping as the truck is inserted into the pallet - see the video pallet strapping with a pallet truck 


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