Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine Heads

Heat seal strapping heads are well proven over the last 40 - 50 years and in this instance the MS300 Strapping head gives quick and easy accessibility to all areas, and makes routine maintenance tasks very fast. Friction Weld Strapping Heads, a later development, are now the preferred method of joining plastic strapping, and are necessary wherever polyester strapping is used, and for automatic inline pallet strapping systems. The fact remains however that heat seal strapping heads are currently used in the large majority of strapping machines sold worldwide, due to their low maintenance costs.

Heat Seal Strapping Head


Automatic Strapping head Brick Strapping Head


MS150: tension up to 150 kg. Cycle time 2 seconds

MS300: tension up to 300 kg. Cycle time 3.8 seconds

MS500: tension up to 500 kg. Cycle time 4.2 seconds

MS700: tension up to 700 kg. Cycle time 5.5 seconds


Friction Weld Strapping Head.

The friction weld method of joining plastic strapping is best suited for use with polyester strapping and is now widely used both in hand tools as well as automatic strapping machine systems, Efficiency is coupled in this instance with precision engineered components and design simplicity which make routine maintenance very fast and easy.
                           Friction Weld Strapping Head


MV150: tension up to 150 kg. Cycle time 2 seconds

MV300: tension up to 300 kg. Cycle time 3.8 seconds

MV500: tension up to 500 kg. Cycle time 4.2 seconds

MV700: tension up to 700 kg. Cycle time 5.5 seconds

MV1000: tension up to 1400 kg. Cycle time 6 seconds - usable strap from 19 to 32 mm


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