Semi Automatic and Automatic Strapping Machines..  

are used worldwide and applications can easily be categorised as follows:


Semi Automatic Strapping Machines:

These Strapping machines are used for low – medium throughput applications and used in a variety of applications such as meat and shoe packing and any other product that is boxed and requires strapping. In practice box size to be strapped on semi auto and automatic box strapping machines seldom weigh more than 25Kgs and are fed onto the machines either by hand or by means of conveyor.

Semi Automatic strapping machines in this category are generally manufactured in the Far East and quality varies with manufacturer. This type of machine has a 6 month return to base warranty.  Machines manufactured in Europe/USA tend to be more expensive but are manufactured to the highest engineering specifications

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Technical Details. 

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Click this link - Semi automatic banding machines - to see a short video of this type of machine in operation.  


PSCL offer these strapping machines either separately or with machine + strap option. Lease terms also available for Automatic Strapping machines and multiple purchases of semi automatic strapping machines.

Automatic Strapping Machines:

Automatic Strapping Machines are manufactured in Europe/USA to very high engineering standards and reliability, and are specified for high throughput, time sensitive applications operating 24 × 7 on automated production lines such as newspaper and other very high volume applications. Automatic Strapping machines manufactured in Taiwan however are very popular in less demanding, non JIT applications and represent good value for very many applications..

Click this link - Automatic Banding Machines to view a short video of this machine type in operation.

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