Pallet Strapping Machine

An OEM supplier to a number of Automotive Companies in UK manufactures and  pre-assembles car components which are subsequently robotically picked and stacked layer by layer into Triwall Containers both for the UK and export markets worldwide..JIT schedules meant that all aspects of production need to be 'fail safe' if heavy penalties are not incurred.


Automotive Parts Strapping Machine

The Triwall Containers were produced at the rate of 85 -95 units per hour and needed to be strapped using polyester strapping with two and sometimes four straps being applied, and the solutions offered by the usual UK based suppliers of this type of equipment was a double headed automated strapping machine incorporating a turntable to turn containers when cross strapping was required.

The Plastic Strapping Company was approached and suggested similar type of systems but unlike all the other potential suppliers they had a wider choice of strapping machinery to choose from, and were not limited to proposing only equipment that any one prospective supplier might manufacture...  the rest of the world has a much wider choice of  International Strapping Machine Manufacturers than is ordinarily offered in the UK... until now.  

In this instance, having assured the buyer that a turnkey operation could be delivered, on time, with an efficient cost  effective after sales service, and a warranty free of the usual 'tie in' restrictions with regard to the polyester strapping to be used in the equipment, The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd were awarded the contract at the cost detailed in the first and only proposal, in stark contrast to other  prospective suppliers all of whom in the pre order period had subsequently heavily discounted initially quoted prices in an attempt to obtain the contract.

Automotive Parts Strapping MachineThe transparency, and total inclusivity of the PSCL offer which included supply and delivery, installation, operator and engineer training i.e free of 'add on costs', was greatly appreciated by the Operations Director and was one of the issues that determined where the contract would be placed, together with spares and service costs that were up to 30% below those of competitors, and fixed for three years.





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