Brick Polyester Strapping Machine Options


In UK three international strapping machine companies rule the roost as far as inline pallet strapping machines  for bricks, blocks, tile and most other products as well, offering long lead times despite current depressed economic conditions. But there  are many options.

21miles away across the water in mainland Europe the choice of manufacturers of strapping machines is much wider and they have a very comparable range of experience and product range, operating worldwide with the same degree of expertise as those long established in UK  Of course it's not quite as simple as that - or perhaps it is - some of this equipment is rebranded and has been sold in the UK for years under well known brand names because manufacture of pallet strapping machines ceased long ago in UK with the sole exception of The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd based in Nottingham who manufacture mobile pallet strapping machines that are also very quick.Note all installations have to conform to HSE  safety standards

These thumbnail pictures illustrate a small selection of industry sectors and range of equipment available.


Pallet Strapping Domestic AppliancesDomestic Appliances
Fridges, Cookers, Boilers, Radiators.

Concrete Block Pallet StrappingBuilding Products

Tiles, Bricks and Blocks Vertical and Horizontal Automated Pallet Strapping Machines.

Pallet Strapping Metal ProductsStrapping Metal Products Ingots
Rolled Sections
Strip and Bar.
Bale Strapping MachineBaling of Textiles
Fibres and also  recycling
such as plastics, garbage
Paper & Board StrappingPaper and Board wrapping and strapping Brick & Block Strapping MachineBrick Vertical & Horizontal Strapping


Remove the mystery..

All Pallet Strapping Machines operate basically on the same very simple concept i.e. a coilholder to hold and dispense the strapping - a motor to pull strap from the coilholder and feed it into some type of reservoir prior to being fed by another motor through a strapping head and around a strap track. The strapping head is no mystery either - it has a simple clamp to hold the leading end of the strap after it has been fed via guides around the strap track - it has a motor and clutch to pull the strap out of the strap pack and around the pallet until the set strap tension is achieved - a strap sealing method, and this can be a simple flat heater blade  passes between the two strap sections to be joined, heating the surface such than when pressed together a joint is formed, the alternative method strap joining method being  serrated friction weld plates that sandwich the straps in the joint area and rapidly vibrate to create heat such that when pressed together a joint is again formed. There is one other option for joining plastic strapping using ultrasonics, first introduced more than 30 years ago, and recently re-introduced by one manufacturer claiming simplicity and improved reliability. Having joined the strapping there does of course need to be a cutter to release the joined strap loop and allow a new length ot strapping. Various options are available such as a bottom strap track section that slides in and out of the pallet voids, where pallets have bottom boards, to allow strap to pass through, and automatic placement of edge protection strips.

Brick Strapping System

Of course all these operations are sequenced and controlled by electrics - frequently Seimens and can incorporate pack / strap position position sensing to allow operatorless operation. Use of propriety brand of electric components, widely and easily available in UK can significantly reduce maintenance costs, as these items are commonly marked up by 300% or more if sourced through the strapping machine supplier.

Maintenance of Strapping Machines.

The most convenient but expensive way by far is to enter into agreements with the strapping machine supplier, who will generally attempt to attach conditions to ensure that strapping for the machine is sourced only from them, sometimes for quite long periods 2-3 years, effectively barring the purchase of strapping from a more competitive supplier.  This can amount to a significant year on year on cost. The justification given will be that the strapping is produced to standards to suit the machine, and should the buyer 'stray' then machine performance will suffer... and effect warranty... rather like a car manufacturer forcing owners to buy fuel only from their approved outlets to maintain full warranty.

The truth is however that strapping machines are exported  worldwide and have to be able to use locally manufactured polyester strapping, and consequently manufacturing tolerances are the same or very similar for polyester strapping produced in all developed countries.

The lowest cost method by far  employed by many high output manufacturers is to have their own engineers trained to avoid paying travelling time charges/high hourly labour rates, have immediacy i.e do not have to wait for an engineer to appear, and not only acquire a detailed knowledge of the equipment but are able to check/judge any work done should the manufacturers service engineers ever be used.

Where this arrangement is adopted it is essential to obtain written quotation from the supplier for the spares likely to be needed  together with their agreement that these costs will be held for at least a two three year period.   

More actual installation pictures.

Tile Strapping MachineTile Strapping Concrete Strapping MachineStrapping Concrete Products Timber strapping machineTimber Wrapping & Strapping

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Strapping Machine repair maintenance

 We rewind damaged coils of polyester strapping - so don't throw them away! If there's any other way we can help, e.g. strap baling and recycling. - Call Us!