Used Strapping Machine and Strapping Tools


The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd buy used strapping machines and tools, generally from their own customers who are upgrading, but also from qualified non customers i.e. where the brand of machine and its history are known. The strapping machines bought are not resprayed before resale as this unnecessarily inflates the resale price with no practical machine

performance benefit for the new owner..   


Used banding machines bought are offered with confirmation video showing the strapping machines working following a two week continuous working test in our own despatch area. We buy and sell the recognised main brands of plastic strapping machine to ensure that there are always a number of sources for spares and maintenance throughout the Country, other than Plastic Strapping Company as we have found that buyers of used strapping tools and machines generally seek that reassurance.

The used strapping machine brands offered for sale are those generally manufactured by Mosca, Gordian, Strapex and the longest established strapping machine manufacturer in Taiwan. Plastic banding machines manufactured by peripheral manufacturers are avoided as sales and service options are rather limited. 

                                              This selection process also applies to plastic and steel strapping handtools  where those originating from Europe and USA represent best long term value. .Used strapping toolsUsed plastic strapping banding tools are of increasing interest for buyers on limited budget, are frequently cheaper than having a battery powered strapping tool in particular, repaired, or as back a back up option. Used strapping tools for both steel and plastic strapping are frequently offered.

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