benefits from recommendations made by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. The CARGO STRAP COMPANY decided that stretch films used for securing palletized lashings and ratchets no longer  met their revised objectives regarding a need to reduce packaging materials used and the associated costs. Tests made with plastic strapping showed this method was entirely satisfactory and the method of application became the next consideration.Automated plastic strapping machines, the first consideration, was quickly offloaded due to cost and a realization that putting all product through a single strapping machine entailed unacceptable  risk of disruption in the event of breakdown.

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd suggested low cost mobile plastic strapping machines as these were low cost, and eliminated a high cost element of the packaging operation i.e. there was no need to take a fully loaded pallet anywhere to get it strapped or wrapped – it could be done on the spot,  the first and only time a fork lift truck handled the pallet was either to take it to despatch or the storage bay.
The elimination of 66% of costs associated with the use of FLT’s amounted to £170,000  a year. The Cargo Strap Company was delighted at the results of ‘Out of the box’ unique packing ideas proposed by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd
See a video of the plastic strapping machine used.
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