Plastic Strapping Machine on a Pallet Truck

Pallet Truck Strapping Machine

Model PT 11 Pallet Truck Mounted Strapping Machine

*Here’s a really really useful pallet strapping/moving machine that will enable you manually strap a pallet in as little 40 seconds! See the video on Vimeo. Click this link Pallet Strapping Made Easy

 * Not only is it very fast but it also makes the job easier and safer, and cuts down the amount of handling too

There are many applications in industry that require a pallet to be moved to another location before it can be strapped, and then moved again to a final destination.

The PT Strap Poka pallet strapping machine eliminates this double handling as the first time it enters a pallet it threads two straps through the pallet voids and up the back and over the top of the pallet in approx 8 – 10 seconds. The operator then walks to the front of the pallet, pulls strap from the auto strap gripper located in the toe of each fork, reaches overhead for the other side of the strap loop, and feeds them into a strapping tool to complete the strapping in the usual manner.

How long does it take to strap a pallet from start to finish? as little as 40 seconds! – to see it done on short video Click here

So if you really want to cut out double handling, speed up manual strapping by 50% and eliminate the need to drag strapping equipment to every pallet the PT11 Strap Poka Pallet Banding Machine could well be the answer. See more plastic strapping applications

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