Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine Semi Automatic

                                                               Pallet Strapping Machine corrugated


Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine VP2   

Manufactured for a well known corrugated board manufacturer this VP2 Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machine was adapted to cope with the intermittent requirement to strap oversize pallet loads. Because 95% of pallets to be strapped comprised conventional 1200mm x 1000mm pallets the user did not want a Strapping machine with permanently long forks ( 2.3 metres) due to operating space limitations.

Watch a video of this type of pallet strapping machine being used - it's impressive!.

The solution was simple – the longer forks are stored vertically when not in use, and simply dropped over the shorter forks as and when required. Battery powered friction weld strapping tools are used with this Strapping Machine and are suspended from the upper gantry by fine wire to prevent the tool being dropped and damaged. Click Here to see the full range of battery powered friction weld hand tools,and here to see a range of plastic strapping applications

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