Pallet Strapping Machine VP2SA

A very popular unit this mobile pallet strapping machine enables pallets be strapped that are on the floor or at a raised height such as stretch wrap turntable or conveyor. Frequently used where a 2 × 2 strap pattern is required on the pallet , and in conjunction with either a stand alone low level turntable or the turntable used to apply stretchwrap, The forks are raised to clear the turntable and enter the pallet to apply the first two straps, and then withdrawn – the pallet then rotated thro 90 degrees and the Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machine enters the pallet again to apply the final two cross straps. Watch a video of this type of pallet strapping machine being used.

Battery powered friction weld strapping tools are ideal for use with this pallet strapping machine and to see the complete range of strapping tools click the link  - Battery Powered Strapping tools and here to see a range of plastic strapping applications


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