Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine VP3LA


Pallet Strapping Machine VP3LA



This is an interesting pallet strapping machine – a manufacturer of boards had so many different lengths of board each of which required up to three straps to be placed on a specific pitch that this VP3 Strap Poka pallet strapping machine was built to provide stepless lateral adjustment of the forks, thereby enabling one, two or three straps to be placed anywhere along the length of the packs. Another strapping machine of similar construction has since been built incorporating height adjustment of the forks to also allow pallets located on a conveyor to be strapped, together with batten location. Watch a video showing the principle on which these pallet strapping machines operate

Production Director Keith Burkinshaw stated although large in size ( 2.5 metres long) they are suprisingly easy to move into a pallet and have transformed our strapping operation. Pay back was achieved in 4 months… that’s why we ordered a second Strap-Poka.Pallet Strapping Machine

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