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Pallet Strapping Machine VP4

This rather unusual looking pallet strapping machine enabled one person strap the entire output for a major kitchen furniture factory – a job which previously took two people. The strapping machine looks rather bulky but is in fact very easy to move and operates alongside a conveyor carrying palletised components.The pallet load sizes vary from conventional pallet sizes to more than twice that size, and the strapping machine can simultaneously apply 4 straps to the larger packs, or 3 straps to smaller packs, and even apply 2 straps to each of two individual pallets at the same time.


The pallet strapping machine consists of a frame which holds four overhead gantries and four forks, all of which can be adjusted laterally and in height. The unit holds four coils of strapping – not shown.
Method of operation is simple. The operator simply pulls strap from the top gantry and ‘swipes’ it into the automatic strap gripper located into the toe of each fork. The Strapping machine is then pushed into passing pallets to place the straps thru the pallet voids, down the back and over the top of the pallet, and the operator then goes to the front of the pack, pulls strap from the toe of the fork, reaches overhead for the other side of the strap loop and places both straps into a friction weld tool to complete the operation.

A similar pallet strapping machine has since been sold that is pneumatically powered and indexes in and out of the conveyor at the touch of a button, that is significantly faster than the automatic pallet strapping machine it replaced.

*Quote from the Works Director " Like most other people we naturally thought automatic machines were the best solution but our experiences with that type of equipment proved otherwise. The Strap Poka pallet strapping machine is faster, has zero maintenance requirement and therefore gives me peace of mind – I know it’s never likely to break down and incur expensive maintenance costs." *

A battery powered friction weld strapping tool is suspended on a laterally sliding carriage over the conveyor at the point where the strapping machine operates that for the operator makes it a 'hands free' operation and means the tool is never dropped and damaged.

 To see the full range of battery powered and other strapping tools suitable for use with this type of pallet strapping machine click on the link.


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