Cheese Plastic Strapping Machines

Strapping blocks of cheese with polyester strapping instead of steel strapping is now commonplace and more compatible with a food product as it is safe to handle, and doesn't rust. Methods of application include friction weld hand tools or of course automatic and automated strapping machines as production processes become more and more automated.

Cheese Strapping Machine

The cheeses weighing 22 kgs are placed into rectangular boxes and a top lid sits slightly proud of the sides such that when the lid is pressed into the cheese and  twin strapped, pressure is applied to the cheese to help maintain its rectangular shape such that subsequently it can be processed economically. Polyester strapping is ideally suited for this application as it can retain

applied tensions over long periods, and cheeses can be stored for up to two years.

Heavy duty strapping equipment is specified for the automated systems such as the TR14HD strapping head and these are normally accompanied by a spare strapping head complete with test rig to allow for pressure free off line servicing.

Once the straps have been applied to the cheese boxes they are automatically taken from the machine by synchronised integral conveyor.

Polyester Cheese strapping Head



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