Corded and Woven Polyester Strapping.



Corded and woven polyester strapping is available in a wide range of widths and break strengths that can exceed those obtainable with extruded plastic straps, consequently it is in widespread use for heavy duty applications in timber, building products, heavy engineering and shipping industries. Use good quality CB HD buckles with cordstrap and woven strapping otherwise the strength of the system will be compromised. PSCL quote the linear break strengths of the various strap specifications but note that some suppliers will quote ‘System Strength’ and it is important to appreciate therefore when making comparisons between different suppliers specifications that system strength is derived from the calculation 2 x linear strength x 80% ( The efficiency of the buckle) See video How to thread a buckle

Woven polyester Strap

Close woven polyester strapping is sometimes the preferred choice particularly where the edge of the product has a tendency to split the strap when high tensions are applied.

The appeal of a corded strapping system is in its extended range of strength, the simplicity of the tooling – all that is required is a tensioner and a buckle – the ease of use, particularly when securing odd shaped loads, and the ability to re-tighten a load should it move or settle. It’s nice to handle – very soft and light, and is a good replacement for steel strap.

The downside?

Cordstrap is relatively expensive when compared with extruded polyesters, so these should be investigated first.

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