CPC Compression Pallet Strapping Machine.

The CPC compression pallet strapping machine saves time and money whilst reducing product damage normally incurred during transit as a result of load shift.

Designed specifically to accommodate a wide variety of pallet sizes and types common to the Commercial Printing Industry, the CPC compresses and straps loads of advertising supplements, newspaper inserts, and other printed materials in one efficient operation. The hydraulic compression improves retained strap tension by removing trapped air from loads, so minimising any changes in the pack cube associated with product settlement.

The CPC Automatic Pallet Strapping machine uses 7/16”  polyester strapping.

CPC Automatic Pallet Strapping machine features.

Reliable, easy to maintain MCD strapping heads

The CPC's two MCD strapping heads rotate easily into the service position and are equipped with electrical quick disconnects for fast, easy maintenance.

Cross strapping option

The CPC can be equipped with pallet void feeding attachments to facilitate cross-strapping of pallets with bottom deckboards.

Conveyor turntable

The CPC's automatic, heavy-duty, rotating turntable turns loads 90° or 180°, permitting control of load tag positioning.

Digital compression

Compression is adjustable up to 10,000 lbs. for maximum load stability.

CPC Load Capabilities
Minimum Maximum
Load size 30"L x 30"W x 10"H 56"L x 52"W x 68"H
Load weight NA 3,500 lbs

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