DBA Banding Machine Repair DBA Strapping Equipment - Derbyshire.

DBA designated plastic strapping machines are manufactured in China.. 
Semi automatic, automatic box strapping machines are designated DBA followed by a model number and are manufactured by DSI in China. Examples are DBA 10 Semi-automatic strapping machine; DBA 100 Semi-automatic strapping machine; DBA 200 automatic strapping machine; DBA 1300A Pallet Strapping Machine etc. 
 Research indicates that distribution in UK is currently limited - i.e there are not as many service points in UK when compared with the products of other strapping machine manufacturers in the Far East. 
Should you need to locate a UK Distributor contact 0115 929 1212
Manufacturer Contact details are. DSI PACKAGING MACHINERY(SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Add:No.553,ZhuGuang RD,XuJing town,QingPu area,ShangHai,China Tel:+86 21 59886791 Fax:+86 21 59885851 www.dsichina
The full range of strapping machines include. Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines. DBA-100 DBA-130M DBA-150 Automatic Strapping Machines. Side Seal DBA-300 DBA-500 DBA-660 Stainless DBA-200M DBA-200MDH DBA-11M Low Table strapping Machines. DBA-200L DBA-200LP Standard Strapping Machines. DBA-200A DBA-200DH DBA-200TS DBA-200 DBA-309F3 DBA-130 Fully-Automatic Strapping Machines. DBA-55ARP DBA-55ARPMDH DBA-770P DBA-880

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