These very simple Strap Poka - Electro Pneumatic Strapping Systems are ideal where perhaps a fully automated strapping system cannot be justified, and where an easily maintained but fast strapping method that will consequently minimise break downs and production losses are preferred. Delivering ‘peace of mind’ is how these units are frequently described - no need for maintenance contracts and very low ‘after purchase costs’

The Strap Poka BF is generally used with ‘one touch’ battery powered strapping tools suspended directly beneath the top gantry if a single unit is used or from an overhead rail bridging two or more units such that the strapping tool can be easily slid to different strapping points on a pack. The standard unit as illustrated is ideal for product as shown, or for pallets without bottom boards although there is an option to have a reciprocating bottom strap track section to suit full boarded pallets.

Operation is simple - offer the strapping into a shute located in the top gantry - press a button and the strap appears from under the product and in front of the operator, who simply puts both ends of the strap loop into a strapping tool - and ‘touches the cycle start button. Realistic cycle time per strap 5 - 6 seconds which is very comparable with the more sophisticated automated strapping systems - with none of the complications.

Strap size : 11 mm to 16 mm Plastic strap only
Color : to be specified
Power : 1 KW Electric power supply : 230 V single phase
Pneumatic : 6 b
The customer remains is responsible security fences. (if they are necessary )