Automatic Inline Strapping Machine

  • The Endra Automatic Strapping machine is unusual insofar as where all other types of automatic Strapping Machine have what is known as a 'strap track' - a channel around which plastic strapping is pre-fed this type of machine has no strap track at all and simply predrapes strapping across a conveyor - either vertically or horizontally - and the pack is driven into the strap by a conveyor. When the back edge of the pack is in line with the points where the strap was originally draped then a small strapping head grips the strap - one on either side - and moves/pulls the strap to the mid point on the rear of the pack - seals the strap and withdraws leaving a length of strap draped across the conveyor ready to receive the next pack.  This system has a number of unique features:

  • Strapping costs are lower due to the fact that smaller sizes and lower grades can be used.

  • Higher throughput - machine mechanism is fast

  • The simplicity of the miniature strapping heads gives excellent reliability.
  • Less maintenance cost.
  • Labels can be applied automatically to a horizontal strap - an important element to implement tracking and tracing of pallets throughout the downstream transport and logistics chain
  • These strapping machines can apply up to 4 horizontal straps
  • Typical applications include glass bottles, roof tiles, fruit juice cartons

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