Fish Packing Plastic Strapping Machine

Based on the high-specification stainless steel AQ-7M automatic strapping machine, the DS is a twin-body double-strapping unit which will apply two straps simultaneously at the press of a button.


Fish Strapping Machine

Supplied with integral stainless steel free-roller conveyor tables, the machine is designed for manual strapping operations where pack throughput is controlled by an operator.

The unit will apply twin straps on a minimum of 430mm centres or wider as specified, depending on the type of box being strapped.

The unit is capable of strapping boxes at speeds consistent with most manual packing operations.

The machines can be separated for maintenance and can be used independently as free-standing single strapping machines if necessary.


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Poultry Packing Strapping Machine.

Ideal for moisture-laden meat, poultry and seafood, the corrosion-free RQ-7000M automatic strapping machine is manufactured from stainless steel and waterproof materials. The fully enclosed cabinet protects the components from water and spray, while the bottom of the cabinet is reinforced to provide extra protection. An internal heat lamp assists in evaporating moisture. The sealing head is side-mounted to protect it from moisture and residue.

Poultry Seafood Strapping Machine
  • High Speed - 50 bundles/ minute
  • Reduced body weight increases portability
  • Roller table height is adjustable
  • Adapts easily to an existing conveyor system
  • Tension arm system ensures positive and accurate tensioning of damp strapping

For more information including specification sheets call 0115- 9291212 or email

Fully Automated Fish, Marine, Seafood Strapping Machine.

The AQ-7MA is a fully-automated version of the standard stainless steel side-sealing AQ-7M machine, designed to apply one or two straps without operator intervention.

The machine is pack-actuated and can be supplied complete with powered feed and exit conveyors which stop and start automatically as the straps are applied to the packs.

Poultry & Seafood Strapping MachineThe conveyors shown in the picture are manufactured from stainless steel materials with plastic link belts for use in wet packing areas. The AQ-7MA can be supplied for fitting into existing powered conveyor lines or supplied as pictured as a fully integrated unit complete with conveyors.


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