Inline Pallet Strapping Machine  FM200 

The FM200 is an automatic, top sealing in line pallet strapping it doesn't really matter what pack height variance is fed throught it - it does them all! The machine is just one within the Series 2000 range pallet strappers that can all can be modified to provide a 'bespoke' solution. Ideal for 24 x 7 operations.  Strap Type: Polyester.

Technical Specifications:


Strap Width 13.0 - 32.0 mm
Strap Thickness: 0.40 - 1.53 mm
Average Seal Strength Up to 85% of strap breaking strength
Sealing Method Friction Welding
Strapping Head MH600 / MH610
Tension Up to 7000N, adjustable
Tensioning Speed 105 mm/sec
Feeding and Retracting Speed 5.3 metres/sec
Power 400 V – 3PE – 50 Hz
  230 V – 3PE – 60 Hz
Power Consumption 1.1 kW
Min. Package Size W 150 x H 180 mm
Max. Package Size 1W 3000 x H 3000 mm

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