Fromm Inline Pallet Strapping Machine - FM500

The Fromm FM500 Pallet Strapping Machine is an automatic, side sealing strapping system. Its sturdy steel structure and high quality precision engineered strapping head manufactured in Europe ensures this rugged strapping machine will deliver the best performance in the most demanding industries.

The FM500 Pallet  Strapping Machine is ideal for continuous and shift operations and is used in a wide variety of industries including  the can, bottle, paper and food/beverage industries.

Strap Type: Polyester

Technical Specifications:

Strap Width 13.0 - 32.0 mm
Strap Thickness: 0.40 - 1.53 mm
Average Seal Strength Up to 85% of strap breaking strength
Sealing Method Friction Welding
Strapping Head MH600 / MH610
Tension Up to 7000N, adjustable
Tensioning Speed 105 mm/sec
Feeding and Retracting Speed 5.3 metres/sec
Power 400 V – 3PE – 50 Hz
  230 V – 3PE – 60 Hz
Power Consumption 1.1 kW
Min. Package Size W 150 x H 180 mm
Max. Package Size 1W 3000 x H 3000 mm

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