Food & Beverage Can Plastic Strapping Machines

Beverage Can & Bottle Strapping

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham.UK. has a strapping equipment range that includes  fully automatic compression strapping machines and strapping systems especially designed for the food and beverage industry for strapping packages containing empty glass & polyester bottles, aluminium cans to pallets. Supplying the premier range of Italian manufactured plastic strapping equipment that has been installed worldwide in all industry sectors - manufacturing & distribution - this strapping equipment range is supplemented by PSCL's own manufacturing program of unique low cost mobile strapping equipment capable of throwing up to four plastic straps simultaneously around palletised products in just seconds.
Can & Bottle Polyester Strapping MachineThe company offers a complete strapping solution into all Industries including wood, paper, cardboard, food, iron and metallurgy, building, fibres and cotton. Each plastic strapping system, simple or complex is specifically designed and manufactured to suit the product and application. Strapping machines suitable for the food/beverage industry include the PSPR99 models for glass bottles, that can be fitted with up to three strapping heads and reciprocating swords, for passing the strap through the pallet voids and also compression devices and turntables for cross strapping. All machines have an operators stand alone Seimens PLC control panel.
 These automatic strapping machines are also suitable for strapping empty aluminium cans to pallets and can also be supplied with side sealing strapping heads, and can be installed with automated shrink film Hooders or stretch film machines. 

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