Friction Weld Strapping Tools 

... are the easiest and fastest strapping tools to use but they do weigh on average between 3.5 - 4.0 Kgs, so little wonder that they get dropped towards the end of a busy shift. Think about it.... an employee strapping say 60 pallets a day each with two straps will pick up the tool 120 times and consequently lift approx total of 1/2 tonne - with one hand - each day.

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd have addressed this issue which has  not only Health & Safety implications but also one of cost arising from the repair of tools that have been dropped, and have now introduced a Friction Weld Tool Work Station that can be used for the vertical and horizontal strapping of pallets that supports the weight of Friction Weld Tools at any position on the face of the pallets. The Frictionweld strapping tool is perfectly balanced and its position on the face of the pallet can be easily adjusted - with a finger tip - its as easy as that. Options include a slide step for high level horizontal strapping applications. See the video: Hands Free Banding Tool Operation

Friction Weld Strapping Tool

These Friction Weld Work Stations are particularly suited to growers for fruit, veg and horticultural produce where packaging methods involve securing plastic trays onto pallets with horizontal strapping.

Friction Weld Work Stations are manufactured by: The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK

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